Thursday, April 8, 2010

How does things turn out.

Far away in the oceans mid
Away from you and away from me
But the attraction i have had never faded
No matter where you be

Now I'm force to see you
Over and over till my hearts beat stood
But you just walk past me
Never hearing my cries for thee

Wherever you may be i can always see,
A picture of you smiling in me
And the day comes when you can hear
My heart beating so quickly

Although the truth i have ever spoken of
I kept it alive on the spot
No matter how i urn to speak my heart
I have kept it secret from the start

Now this is where i end my chapter
A love so strong that keeps me fluster
When i see you with another
I cry......not long after

By:Randy S (To a special other)
>hope that you read this

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love is everywhere

It has been about six month since i got over my previous crush on someone in SMKTS now but i'm afraid that i might be falling for another and I'm not sure is it the best for me now seeing that i have no guts in dealing with this kind of things in school.Man i don't know what should i do now, if only i wasn't so afraid of what she might think or what others may think of me after ward's.
It's so complicated for me....arghhhhh!

Thinking of you makes my heart soar,

Seeing that smile of yours,

I leap about some more,

Stepping into the flame of my heart,

Longing for you to see me,

Will this heartache ever be mended,

Or my fate twisted with ease,

I know you can never see me for the light,

But i hope that you can see me fight,

A fight with myself to make things right,

A fight through the end,


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1st of April

Ahh another month has passed by, so long March welcome April. 1st day of is a veri special day because it is April fool's day. I'm gonna have some fun today haha. Nothing more to post at the moment so have a happy April.

'Where are you my love wish you were with me now so i can smile again'

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seraya Love Story...It's Complicated

Its been a few weeks now and i have fallen for another girl again but this time its for real not one of those crush and byes.I have fallen for a few girls already in the past but i wasn't sure was it for real.
First it was a girl named wong xin yee yes it used to be one of my friends girlfriend at first so i did'nt dare to approach her.My friends name is Nico Law Kien Mun but not ong after i've realised that it wasnt real,my heart was playing tricks with me.
Ah! thank god though but not long after i fell for another girl 'Cheok Jia Chern' but someone told me she like me but it was long ago by another friend also 'Low Yue Chiao' but i thought it was a joke but i was young and naive then but now i was the one whom fell for her.LOL, i was so embaressed but during the time i liked her there was another with so much more guts than me also chasing after her, not long after i gave up.Haiz i am such a wimp.
Not long after i gotten over its soon after.And afterwards i thought that i'm over all this girl liking but it never ended afterwards i fell in love during my from 3 year it was with a girl name 'Tham Yeen Sin' and this time i really fell for her with her cute but funny personality,kawaii face and the way she acts it was all such an overwhelming sense of heart burn but also pure enjoyment that has never been felt before in my life.'I Love This Girl' i said to myself and this time its true love i think.But as time passed by i found out that even god forbid me to be with her but i'm leaving out the detail because it just hurts to much.
Now that i'm in a new year a new form and a new life i found another.What do i do this time.Why isist so hard.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming to an END.......

Holiday going to be over in about 2 day, 2 night haiz==|| back to school so boring la the rutin is always the same.I just wish that everyday in school would be full of excitement just like in an anime, that would be great to see or maybe i should just get myself in a relationship.Nowadays i havent had the feel for love its like i just lost the emotion, what to do except ordinary rutin my entire life as always.Now i really regretted not full filling my childhood.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Whatever..

People tend to say I'm sorry every time they make a mistake whether is the worst thing that ever happened or the smallest thing possible and hope that everything is going to be find later, but it wont.People tend to remember that what you did was wrong and be even more mad when you say sorry because your not taking responsibility on your own actions.Why am i babbling on about this is because this happened to me, one of my inconsiderate friend try to pull of the same stunt recently.He did something terrible even though it will make me mad and just said sorry after doing it, so if anyone when you do something wrong don't just apologize make an effort on how to avoid hurting a friends feeling and be hated by it.This is a very good way to strengthen a friendship or maybe a relation.

One more thing to add to it, I'm going to take this opportunity to make an apology to anyone i have lied to in the past or maybe did something bad to so 'I"M SORRY' and i will make it a duty to no let it happen again.Anyone that read this remember hurting a friend on the inside is worst that what ever beating your friend can take.

'That's hows Randy. C'SS It'{thanks for reading}

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese new year...

Its almost chinese new year in about 12 hours and i can't wait the food,drinks,friends and the merriement.Omg can't wait so happy.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Money Money Come Come>>>>>

Today was quite fun even though got school because i didn't went instead 4SC1 and a few 4SC2 went to pandan indah to receive awards for our outstanding PMR results.Even though the area was kinda crappy but we still had fun together taking lots of picture and each of us receive something for our hard work RM100.Wakao that's a lot of money especially there's about 60++ of all of us. Yay make menteri pokai haha...Ok im going to be idle for a while due to some circumstances so keep watchin.